Semi - Dynamic Tail Lights LED Matrix Golf VII

incl. TAX

Semi - Dynamic Tail Lights LED Matrix emulator

Rear LED lamps dynamic directions

Golf VII with LED rear lights

Thanks to the Semi - Dynamic emulator, your car will gain a new character.

This adapter will completely change the operation of the rear LED indicators and emphasize the uniqueness of your car!

Plug & Play device for self-assembly.

No bulb errors on the dashboard.


Golf VII equipped with original LED rear lamps (indicator light divided into two lamp parts - see the photo).

Watch the movie and see how your car can change:

The set includes:

2 x Emulator Semi-Dynamic LED Plug & Play adapter.

How to connect:

1. Open the trunk

2. Remove the cover

3. Disconnect the plug from the lamp

5. Connect the emulator with one plug to the lamp and the second to the installation

6. Close the cover

7. Finish :)

The product made and developed by ECU SERVICE.

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