Mercedes W205 USA Airbag seat sensor - PLUG

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Mercedes W205 USA Airbag seat sensor emulator


Supported cars MERCEDES USA version::

W205 2015+

Thanks to this emulator you can check the correctness of the action of the airbag seat sensor. The emulator is used for diagnostic purposes.

Seat Occupancy Sensor Emulator is used to diagnose damage in the SRS system and allows you to confirm or exclude damage to the mat in the passenger seat.
The emulator connected in place of the original mat sends information to the airbag controller that:
* There is a working mat in the seat
* A passenger sitting on the seat

The emulator should be connected to the car's installation in place of the damaged mat. Find the seat mat connector under the passenger seat and connect the plug to the car's installation.
Cable marking:
Brown - GND (ground)
Green - signal
Red - 12V (power)

Before connecting the emulator use multimeter to check the correct power supply 12V, GND and signal.

Belt emulator is used to diagnosing damage in the SRS system and allows you to confirm or exclude damage to the seat belt buckle in the passenger seat.

Installation instructions:
- under the passenger seat, find the plug with two wires going to the seat belt buckle (yellow and blue)
- unlock the latch and pull the plug out of the connector
- insert the pins from the emulator into the plug socket
- insert the plug back into the connector

Do not place the child seat on the front passenger seat. Passenger airbag during a collision will open. 

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