Nissan CAN immo off emulator

70,00 EUR incl. TAX

The emulator automatically recognizes the brand and the type of the engine ECU. 

It does not require the picking of any jumpers, which is what differentiates it amongst other emulators!

Emulator contains:

- external memory 95xx

- built-in the mini relay (thanks to this you will avoid the problem with CAN)


EDC17 C42 Nissan Note, Micra
EMS 3155 Nissan Juke, Qashqai
SID 307 Nissan Juke, Qashqai, NV200
SID 310 Nissan Juke, NV400, Navara, Qashqai, X-Trail

It is necessary to change the software in the ECU. Check the instructions in the section MANUALS:

If you have the ECU EMS3155, SID307, SID309, SID310 from the junkyard and you cannot read it, we offer the possibility to read the password, data, and unlock the ECU after sending it to our office.

Information can be obtained after contacting our sales department.

 The product is made and developed by ECU SERVICE.

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